Empowering C-Suite with Dynamic Analytics Solutions

We collaborated with an analytics team from a prominent Fortune 500 company. The team's primary responsibility involved conveying the company's status and progress to the C-Suite. However, the data displays they utilized were not user-centric and failed to address the unique needs of each manager.

The analytics team employed PowerBI, which, under the strain of substantial data loads, exhibited rigidity and sluggish performance. This hindered managers from promptly accessing crucial data, thereby affecting the efficacy of their decision-making processes. Consequently, our client sought the development of a bespoke, lower-level tool specifically designed to rapidly load complex data and enable managers to navigate their team's information seamlessly.

Design and Development

To address the problem, we systematically decomposed it into testable hypotheses, concentrating on individual use cases. We employed pre-existing tools such as Tableau and Google Analytics to ascertain the views that would be advantageous for various managers within the organization. By conducting interviews and collaborating with the client's team, we identified their pain points and tailored our approach accordingly.

Our client executed experiments to identify the data views that would enable managers to detect issues and present the data in an intuitive manner. They aimed to synchronize their workforce by granting everyone access to the necessary information. Insights gained from these experiments informed the design of custom data views and visualizations tailored to the needs of each user scenario.

Prototype Software

The software we developed permitted the client's team to flexibly analyze their data. Key features included dynamic screens, responsive data filters, and custom visualizations. Each screen was designed to facilitate straightforward comparisons, with views specifically tailored to aid managers in effectively communicating a narrative.


We offered weekly training sessions for our client's analytics team to ensure they could proficiently utilize the advanced platform. In-depth training in Angular and data visualization techniques was provided, along with guidance on implementing the system through screen sharing. We also offered follow-up support and ongoing training to address any challenges the team encountered in using the new tool.


Our client's comprehensive analytics team, responsible for conveying the company's performance to its 9,000 employees, scrutinizes various aspects, including issue resolution speed, the number of bugs encountered, and the efficacy of team training programs.

By augmenting this intricate analytics process, we empowered our client to enable their colleagues to convey persuasive stories and make data-driven decisions. The custom solution we developed not only expedited data access and analysis but also fostered a culture of data-driven decision-making and improved communication throughout the organization.