How a Logistics Company Started a SaaS product

Revolutionizing Grocery Logistics with a Modern Solution

"Bettering logistics, ourselves first," was the message we received from Tony Morimoto, the ambitious owner of Kunkel, a grocery logistics company.

Tony's 60 people grocery delivery process involves running deliveries between tons of produce from CA (and other) farms to local MN grocery stores. It is a demanding job that needs a quick response around the clock for the administrator-sales team, accommodating grocery stores that open early in the morning and truckers who drive late into the night.

Thousands of Dollars in Limbo

In order to invoice for deliveries, Tony must provide corporate customers with proof that the destination grocery store has received and signed off on their produce. However, the current system relies on Tony's contractors mailing physical copies of signatures, invoices, and bills of lading back to his office, which can take weeks. Until Tony's team receives this documentation, they cannot bill their customers, leaving tens of thousands of dollars in limbo.

Searching for invoices to get paid

Keeping track of outstanding invoices for weeks on end is challenging for any business owner. The cumbersome process of sorting through mail and matching invoice numbers is time-consuming and inefficient. Tony's desk was cluttered with paperwork, and he was contemplating hiring an assistant just to handle this task.

Tony envisioned a solution where his 60-driver team could simply take a photo of their receipts. However, the process needed to be more structured than merely receiving hundreds of text messages per week. Invoices had to be searchable and accessible by his team to streamline Kunkel's billing process.

Tony was not only determined to address his own challenges but also aspired to develop a solution that could be offered to other businesses facing similar issues in the industry.

Crafting a Custom Solution

After spending hours discussing potential solutions with Tony, we decided on the following approach:

Within a few days, we provided wireframes to communicate the concept to his team.

Working in the details

Over the course of a month, we collaborated with the drivers and Tony to work out the essential details of the application, which became increasingly practical and relevant.

Launching the Live Version

In just three months, Tony's team gained access to the first live version of the custom web application. The application enables easy identification, categorization, and usage of signed invoices for billing customers.

Driver view

Drivers now have access to a website containing their directions and orders to fulfill, which:

  • Reminds them to complete paperwork before starting the next order.
  • Ensures they acknowledge important details of the order.
  • Celebrates every completed delivery with a burst of virtual confetti! 🎉

Moreover, if an order is rejected, Tony and his team are instantly notified, enabling them to provide assistance in the delicate situation.

Implementing the New Tool

Kunkel is currently adopting this cutting-edge tool to simplify administrative processes, reduce invoicing errors, and decrease the amount of money in limbo. This allows for instant billing upon delivery, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency. We will continue to update this case study as we gather results and further refine the solution.

This application represents Kunkel's investment in both the company's present and its future, with Tony at the helm, driving innovation and progress.